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Discover the groundbreaking micelle nutrient delivery system that combines nature and science to maximize absorption, efficacy and bioavailability.

Highly bioavailable food supplement - Micelles Naturprodukte

Water and oil do not mix Vita Invest

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The VITA INVEST - micellisation of supplements / vitamins currently represents the best technology to achieve a bioavailability of up to 100%. The 4-fold patented MyCell technology of the Swiss company Swiss PharmaCan and miVital AG makes this possible.

Food supplements can only develop their full benefit if the vital substances they contain are available in sufficient dosage and if they are also absorbed by the body. Unfortunately, it is a fact that a large part of the active ingredients of conventional food supplements are not utilized by the body at all, but are excreted uselessly. With additives such as emulsifiers Polysorbate 80 E 433, bioavailability can be increased to a certain extent, but these often lead to undesirable side effects.

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100% natural

VITA INVEST products contain only natural substances and are free of genetically engineered substances, chemicals, heavy metals, alcohol, preservatives, glycol, glycerine and polysorbate 80
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Faster effect at destination

The active substances of VITA INVEST - products can more easily migrate through cell membranes and deposit their charge massively faster and more targeted.
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Nearly 100% bioavailable

Due to the unique and patented VITA IVEST process, poorly soluble substances can be directly absorbed and processed. This results in maximum bioavailability.
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Higher pharmacological effect

Thanks to the revolutionary micelle technology the VITA INVEST - vital substances work extremely efficiently. Therefore maximum effect is achieved with minimum dosage.
C-O-C Curcumin Incense Vitamin C MyCell™ Vita Invest Swiss Made


3 in 1, detect - repair - protect
Micelles C-O-C The Immune Booster

This revolutionary and extremely powerful 3-phase mixture supports the immune system and has been successfully used in studies against malaria in Africa.*

Curcumin Curcuma MyCell™ 100% Bioavailability Vita Invest


Tranquility - Serenity - Digestion
Micelles Curcumin
is probably one of the most popular raw materials to support a healthy lifestyle and offers almost 100% bioavailability.

Vitamin D3 MyCell™ Vita Invest

vitamin D3

Micelles Vitamin D3 helps cells maintain the energetic balance of physiological body functions by modulating the stress and damage response, which are primarily controlled by the immune system (mainly by the inflammatory response).*

CDB 5% Full spectrum MyCell™ Vita Invest

CDB 5%

Calm - Serenit
CBD 5% - Full Spectrum - Micelles technology with up to 90% bioavailability within 30 minutes.

Vitamin B12 MyCell™ 100% bioavailability Vita Invest

vitamin B12

Energy - Performance - Concentration
Micelles Vitamin B12
is an important vitamin that can support your vital functions and offers almost 100% bioavailability.

Frankincense Boswellia Seratta 2.5% MyCell™ Vita Invest


Strengthening - defence
Micellen incense
has been valued for thousands of years as a remedy and as natural cortisone.
Extra strong concentrate, water soluble, up to 100% bioavailability.

VITA INVEST Water and oil do not mix MyCell™ Natural products

Water and oil do not mix

We all know that. It is therefore no surprise that fat-soluble substances ingested (e.g. curcumin or CBD) we throw away 80-90% of the substances contained in them, because they cannot be absorbed by our body, or only with great difficulty

We at VITA INVEST focus on the quality of our products, not on dubious promises of healing, of which there are already enough on the Internet.

The products of VITA INVEST have the highest bioavailability worldwide.

Water soluble VITA INVEST products almost 100%.
Vitamin C MyCell™ 75 times stronger Vita Invest

vitamin C

Vitalize - Protect
Micelles Vitamin C 10%
water-soluble vitamin C is 75x stronger than comparable products. Can strengthen the immune system and offers almost 100% bioavailability.

Available products


CBD isolate 1% - CBD isolate 2.5% - CBD isolate 5% - CBD full spectrum 5% - CBD full spectrum 2.5% - CBN full spectrum 1.5%


Curcumin / Frankincense (Olibanum) / Propolis / Vitamin B12 / Vitamin C / Vitamin D / Omega 3-6-9


Coenzyme Q10 / Vitamin E - Frankincense (Olibanum) / Curcumin - COC (Curcumin/Olibanum/Vitamin C) - CBD isolate / Curcumin - CBD full spectrum / Curcumin

Available in 10ml and 30ml

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Questions and answers.

We have answered some important questions here, if you want to know more please send us an email and we will be happy to answer them.

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The body's own micelles are constantly produced by the body for fat digestion. This process is energy-intensive and time-consuming for the body. A large proportion of the important active ingredients are excreted again if they are not utilised.
More information under Micelles.

Using the technology of our Swiss partner company, we produce product micelles that can act exactly like the body's own micelles in the human organism. Only through the micellisation process do the active ingredients become optimally bioavailable up to 100%.

In our opinion our technology is better because:

  1. Our micelles are similar to the micelles our body uses
  2. are resistant:
    1. In alkaline and acid environments (pH 0-14)
    2. At high temperatures (can be taken in hot drinks)
    3. Against mechanical stress
  3. We only use 100% natural products for encapsulation (no sorbates, lecithins or other synthetically produced components). Our micelles are about 60nm nano in size.
  4. Our turmeric, for example, has proven a bioavailability of more than 90% after only 30 minutes (how much higher can you go then?)
  5. Our micelles have proven an increased supply of vitamins in the cell and therefore a higher effect
  6. After delivery of the vitamin or CDB oil, the remaining material of the capsules (because it is 100% natural) is simply removed by the body.

Sometimes companies call the products micelles but in reality these are liposomes or phytosomes.

The difference is that micelles are uni-layer and the other bi-layer. We know from our own experience and from our many conversations with colleagues in the market that it is very difficult to produce a stable micelle, although many have tried and tried.

Thanks to the 4-fold patented MyCell™ technology of a Swiss company, it is now possible
for substances such as CBD, CBN, vitamin A + B + C + E + D + K, Omega 3, Q10, incense and others to become water-soluble, making them up to 100% bioavailable and absorbable by the body.

The vitamin or CDB in the MyCells can easily pass through the mucous membrane, which is 90-95% water, enter the bloodstream and be delivered to the right place in your body. The results: 1. increased absorption from an average of 5-10% to almost 100%. 2. effects are perceived stronger and faster.
Fastest absorption and optimal bioavailability - a new science, that exceeds the limits of what is possible. Get the full power of natural resources to enhance your vitality and well-being to improve.

Up to 100% bioavailability.
Better dosage.
Without any additives.
Conserving resources.
Cheaper because less is needed.

We recommend taking them with a little lukewarm water or you can also add them to juice, iced tea or others.
The individual products are also mixable, so you can create your own mixture according to your needs.
Since the individual vitamins are in very strong form, we advise you to slowly approach the optimal dosage for your needs.
If you have any questions, we will gladly help you by phone.

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